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"Opportunities and challenges for climate change management in Latin America"

4-8 November 2013

The global climate neutral conference CLIMATE 2013 has been closed.

Thank you all for your participation at Climate 2013!

The interactive parts of the conference are now closed. The papers will be published in a book.

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  Climate Change Policy and Governance and Impacts of Climate Change in Ecosystems in Latin American countries
  Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies, and climate technologies, projects and initiatives in Latin American countries
Fact of the Day
The 5th IPCC Asssment Report (AR5) has strengthened the degree of certainty that fossil fuel burning and other human activities are responsible for the warming of the globe seen over the past half-century, raising their confidence from "very likely" in AR4 to "extremely likely" in AR5.
Climate 2013 is online
The website of Climate 2013 - the World´s CO2-friendly Scientific On-line Climate Conference - is online. The server of this web conference are powered by 100% ecologically produced energy (hydropower).

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